About Bram's Bones

I was not an avid turkey hunter; but having taken my first bird in 2007 has started an addiction that I have found no cure for. I was told that if you have never turkey hunted..don’t start. This statement is very true. I have been making custom wingbone turkey calls since 2007 and during this time have learned through trial and error and with the help from other call makers just what I needed to do to make a call someone would like to own. My wife has been a tremendous help since she is my best critic. She has had the task of looking at every single call I have made. I guess you could say she is quality control.

Since making calls I have met alot of talented people and have been given ideas and the drive to compete in contests around the country. I placed 4th in the Midwest Call Makers Competition in Wisconsin and 2nd at the Georgia Wildlife Federation’s Great Outdoor Show in Perry. I hope to place at Nationals in the coming years. Take time to look at the photos of my calls and I hope you will find something you like. Thanks for visiting my website.


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